What I am currently up to?

Hey Everyone,

I am sure you are wondering what I am currently up to with my photography. What do I photograph, what are my current photo projects, etc. Well, I will try to tell you about some of these things and my feelings about them! I am super excited to share!

One of the subjects I love to photograph is people. Making connections with them and getting to know people, on a more personal and intimate level while I am photographing them, is a passion of mine. I feel it is important to have a connection with your clients/subjects because a picture tells a lot about the client and even the photographer. This connection does show up in a picture. I have seen pictures of people where I don’t see a strong connection with the subject and the photographer. It feels a little off or it’s not a very strong photograph visually. I don’t want pictures like that! I want an intimate connection with my clients. When I mean intimate, I don’t mean sexually. I mean a personal and comfortable connection between us!

Speaking of personal connection, one of my really close friends recently contacted me and asked me about doing a Boudoir Photo Session with her. I am looking forward to this because I have some really great lighting ideas going through my head with this! She said that I am the only person she would feel comfortable with doing this type of session with. That made me feel really good about myself because she is trusting me with photographing her on a very intimate level. Then I brought this idea up with my hairstylist, whom is getting married this summer, and she said she was actually thinking about it before I talked about it with her. She wants to get Boudoir pictures and give them as a wedding gift for her soon to be husband! Her response was the same as my other friend on trusting me to take these intimate picture of her. I am looking forward to this new adventure with my photography!

Another thing I love to photograph is abstract and fine art pictures. I am a creative person, so fine art and abstract images allow me to explore my creativity to see what I am capable of accomplishing! These avenues of photography also allow me to experiment with different techniques and photography tools which also helps me enhance my creativity level. A few years ago I had a gallery showing at a friends business where I showed some of my fine art photos! It was a pretty cool experience and I am planning to do it again, possibly sometime this year. Maybe even at a couple of different places here in or near Fargo, ND!

This last thing I would like to share with you, is the fact that I want to start making greeting cards with some of my creative fine art photos! Some of my friends I have shared this idea with, have businesses of their own and they seem excited about this adventure of mine! Maybe after I sell a few locally here, I will eventually open up an Etsy shop and sell them on there! 🙂

Thanks for letting me share some of my adventures!

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