How I Entertain Myself During Quarantine

Quarantine or social distancing for me is not different than being my normal introvert/hermit self. It actually makes me happy because I love alone time/me time. Since I am currently still working at my work, I am going to share some ideas and projects that I would do during this time of self.

I love puzzles! About a month ago I started a puzzle and I finished it in only a week. Puzzling is also a great way to learn about yourself and how you learn to solve a puzzle. I took me a week because even in life I take breaks, but then come back and finish things. Also it can give a sense of accomplishment especially when you are working on something and you finally realize how it fits into the problem/puzzle.

Another self project that is fun and knowledgable is reading. Reading can spark imagination and also gets a persons brain thinking or questioning things. Books like Harry Potter are great for imagination, and books like Spiritual Astrology are great for learning new things which is food for your brain! Don’t get upset if you can’t sit and read for hours on end. That’s what bookmarks are for! Read to a good stopping spot in the book and place a bookmark there to come back to it at a later time.

Another favorite past time of mine that can be accomplished by yourself is creating art! To me art comes in many forms such as drawing, photography, writing, crafts such as house decor, origami, and so much more! I am a huge fan of creating almost all forms of art! It allows for you to get in touch with yourself and expresses your soul.

Lately I have been doing some yoga and cardio workouts at home by following/watching YouTube videos! It not only keeps me physically fit but also mentally fit. I feel like I’ve gotten more energy since I started this journey!

Lastly if you are feeling lonely and want to talk to someone but you live at home, just give someone you love and care about a call! I am usually content without talking to people for long periods of time, but I know there are people out there that could go crazy!

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