Have you heard of the Front Steps Project yet? I hadn’t heard about it until my friend Mary of Mary Burnst Photo started participating in it about a month ago. She was inspired by a Massachusetts photographer Cara Soulia, whom started it. The project is about celebrating family, life, and community by offering support through the coronavirus quarantine! I thought it was a wonderful idea because it’s these kinds of things that we need during these tough times!

One of my goals as a photographer is to make meaningful lasting connections with people and capture the souls of those humans through my lens! Even though life is at a stand still right now, lets connect at a safe distance and support our community together. Helping one another makes a stronger bond with each other!

This Thursday and Friday, I am joining this movement by offering to take 5 minute front steps portraits of those living in the Fargo/Moorhead area! I will be driving around the area for about 3 hours each of these days, snapping quick images of people on their front steps. 😀 Moorhead/Dillworth I will cover on the 9th, and Fargo/West Fargo I will cover on the 10th (I did the math and it would be about 15 session each of these days. This allows for driving time etc).

On those days I will let you know when I’m on my way to your place of residence and you can step outside, stand on your porch/balcony, or just come to one of your windows. Upon arrival I will stand either on the sidewalk closest to the street, in the street, or across the street. Either way I will be at a very safe distance, snap a few pictures and leave. I will still interact with you by smiling, laughing, and guiding you a little verbally during these sessions! This is not a fancy photo session, it is more of a come as you are session (if you wanna dress up you can but is is not required :-D)! Feel free to wear what you please such as pajamas, robe and pajama pants, wrap up in a blanket, exercise clothes, etc….Let’s just have fun! A couple of days after these small sessions, I will post these images on my website, send you an email with a link to log into my site, and then you can download the digital files with you in them (I’ll put the family names with the images)!

I will also be posting these images on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, using Cara’s hashtag #thefrontstepsproject. Please feel free to share any of the posts to help spread joy and happiness!

In exchange for all of this, all I am asking from you is to make a small donation to help my friend Amy Wasvick (Front step picture of her and her family below. Her husband was working hard delivering packages for UPS. Thank you delivery drivers!) to get her business The Healing Arts Revolution up and running when this quarantine is over. She has a wonderful heart and her goal with her business is to make a safe healing space for everyone to make soul connections and to offer free classes for learning different things such as art, photography, alternative healing practices, etc! Also she will offer different healing practices to help support health and wellness! Let’s connect and support one another!

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