Looking Within

Today is Sunday, and Sundays I am always very emotional. In astrology each day of the week is represented by a planet and Sunday is of course represented by the sun. My Sun is in Pisces, and if you don’t know pisces it is a very emotional representing sign. For me these emotions are usually negative and I do my best to deal with them but some days they get the best of me, just like today.

Lately I feel like I have been uninspired by so many things. There is this other part of me that feels like I am not doing enough or doing my part cleaning or anything, even though I am still going to work dealing with the general public all day long. It’s not that I don’t want to do those things, I just feel tired. The Front Steps Project isn’t going as I planned and I haven’t been motivated to make an update or change my view with it yet. A very small part of me wanted to a couple of weeks ago, but something stopped me from doing so. Being an introvert I find it a bit challenging because I am a portrait photographer that wants to photograph people, but I also like a lot of time for myself. With that being said, there is this part of me that is feeling guilty for not putting this project out there more during this quarantine, but I also know this is a major time for inner healing while staying grounded.

I don’t know if these feelings have anything to do with how I feel about other people during these trying times, or if it is all within myself. I have been doing a lot of self care work, which my body could be responding by being tired and exhausted all the time. If that is the case, the energy work could be telling me to focus on me for now and when this is all over, shine like you’ve never shinned before!

I am a deep thinker so inner healing makes more sense to me right now. Maybe I will connect with one of my many friends that are/have supported me with the Front Steps Project and see if we can come up with a photo project to support the community when all this intense inner healing quarantine time is over! I want to help create a loving, inspirational, and safe community in any way I can!

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