Nature teaches us many things. One thing that sticks out to me quite often is the cycles of nature. In the spring things begin to grow. Summer comes so everything keeps growing, getting stronger, and things bloom into something beautiful. Then fall happens where things are harvested, are left toContinue Reading

I feel like I wanna say so much about all the happenings going on in the world, but in reality there isn’t enough words to describe all of the feelings. I was writing this blog post a little different earlier, but then I changed my mind because these feelings thatContinue Reading

Do you love yourself? I feel I have loved myself most of the time, which can be really hard to do sometimes. The picture with this post is me today and how I normally look when I’m chilling at home. Haha. I wear a fuzzy robe, my hair is aContinue Reading

Today is Sunday, and Sundays I am always very emotional. In astrology each day of the week is represented by a planet and Sunday is of course represented by the sun. My Sun is in Pisces, and if you don’t know pisces it is a very emotional representing sign. ForContinue Reading