Cycles of Life

Nature teaches us many things. One thing that sticks out to me quite often is the cycles of nature. In the spring things begin to grow. Summer comes so everything keeps growing, getting stronger, and things bloom into something beautiful. Then fall happens where things are harvested, are left to fade away, and nature starts settling down. Lastly winter hits and things are resting, getting ready for the next cycle to start. Life changes in cycles rather than a straight line.

I feel we as humans go through many cycles like this in many different forms. Careers, relationships, our emotions, and so much more. We don’t grow, change, and evolve in a straight line. 

Lately I’ve been going through lots of changes with my career path, relationships, and my emotions. Leaving my last job, this fall season, that I had for almost 7 years has nudged me to change jobs more quickly than I have every experienced in the past. Usually when I start a job I’m there for at least 2 years or more, but this year I’ve changed jobs twice now and it’s made me step out of my comfort zone.  

With this crazy career change, it has also been changing my relationships. The people and friends I used to see on a regular basis, I now see very little of and I am meeting new people and faces. I’m not sure if the new faces that I am currently meeting will be lasting relationships or not, but I’m trying not to over think that too much and just trying to keep my mind in the present moment. The friends I used to hang out with a lot, I try to keep in touch and hang out with them but it seems like the universe has other plans.

In a nutshell, my current career change has affected many other changes in my life, and I find that to be exciting as well as very unnerving. I will be looking forward to spring when the energy of new beginnings start to rise and things start to grow again. My birthday is also really close to spring so I definitely will be taking advantage of celebrating the rebirthing of a new chapter in my life.

What changes or cycles are you going through in life at the moment? How are they affecting you?

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